Feb 1, 2012

ASK bare naked challenge: The start

Woohoooo the postman came with a little package from Canada today !

And what I found was:

So I started reading the little manuals that were inside; and ofcourse the e-mails Lisa send us with instructions. I am very eager to begin this challenge so today is a good day to get me started !

First things first ! I clipped (clipped?? Yes !!) - I seriously néver clip my nails. I read so many blogs how this could damage the nails etc etc... but I am planning to stick to the procedure and there it says I should clip my nails if they are too damaged. So yes I clipped my nails! My nails are really awful. After my gel nails they were so weak I broke 'em easily.
The result (I swear this is about the worse my nails have ever looked):

My terrible cuticles ugh...

The producs look nice ! They don't smell weird and the file is really really neat ! So easy to handle and it 'smoothens' the nailtip really nicely.

The fun part about TIPS nail conditioner is that you can just 'slap' it on ! It hás to go on half the cuticles and your nails. Unlike polish where you are really careful so you don't have too much clean-up. Nope; just spread it all around and under your nail and on your cuticles. Just wait a bit and rub any excess into your hands. DONE !

This is how they looked afterwards ! It 'looks' kinda oily; but it doesn't feel like that at all.

And so it begins.... :-) I'll keep you updated every week with how I experience the products. I'm very positive about it so far !

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