Feb 15, 2012

ASK bare naked challenge: Week 2

How are you on this fine wednesday?
I've been ill since yesterday. Sitting with the flu at home and trying to sleep as much as possible to get better soon. I hate being ill blergh...

Anyway: Another week has passed and I've been using the products as I should (being the good girl that I am hehe). My hands do get a lot of suffering with this cold weather here; so they feel very dry. But I must say that the skin conditioning milk helps a lot! But being ill the last few days I neglected to rub my hands in; so now they are réally dry... My own fault though :-(

To show you a good comparison this week; I decided to post a picture of my right hand from 2 weeks ago and how my nails look like now. 
Again: I'm still shocked how strong my nails feel. I tore my skin open last week on my left hand; near my nail (on my ring finger) and it really hurt bad; but my nail didn't at all. Normally it would be bruised like h..... Well; you know what I mean ;-)

Here is the picture of my right hand 2 weeks ago:

And this is how my nails look now:

At this pace my nails will definitely look beautiful at my wedding !! I still keep them short though. As you can see my middle finger is uneven; but that'll work out fine in a few more weeks.

Next week I'll give a more detailed review about the skin products.

Thanks for reading.


  1. wow! What an amazing transformation after two weeks,that is great!

  2. What an improvement! Hope you will feel better soon babe :)

  3. Holy crap, where do I order that stuff?? That's amazing!!

  4. Thx ladies ! Yes I have never experienced this with any product before. All the nail treatments I have used tend to weaken my nails instead of make them stronger ! Visit: http://www.askcosmetics.com/ for more information and to order the products :)

  5. Wow, dat ziet er zeker al stukken beter uit!