Feb 29, 2012

ASK bare naked challenge: Week 4

The routine I use is as followed: Get up and first I apply TIPS for Toes to my nails. I shower and get myself ready. Eventually washing my hands with the Ask Revival hand & Nail cleanser; and after that rubbing my hands with Ask Revival Skin conditioning milk.
During the day; when I've been outside a lot or when it's really really cold and my hands get really dry; I apply the skin conditioning milk again.
In the evening I do the same routine (when I haven't been in water for at least 2 hours!)

The products: There is a reason why I postponed the review for a week... About a week and a half ago I noticed my hands kinda felt dry. When I took a closer look I saw some redness apear. I haven't used any other hand products; but I can't tell for sure if it's cause of the products and wanted to use the products more intensively so it might get better.

My hands have little bumps on it. It started last week but this week it gotten worse. I really have no idea what it is; because it doesn't itch or anything. It feels.. bumpy !

I will contact Lisa and ask her what I can do about it. If it's possible that I could be allergic to one of the ingredients? Other than that I'm pleased about the products. It moisturizes my hands and it has a nice subtle sent to it.

It's so weird; because the nails products really do a wonderful job for me! I'm so happy about the progress. I file them every day and make sure I follow the procedure as good as possible.
How my nails look now; after 4 weeks of using:

Even my cuticles look a lot better already !

Next week I'll make a summary about the progress so far and will put the pictures together so you can see what 5 weeks of using the products did to my nails.

Thanks for reading!

Feb 22, 2012

ASK bare naked challenge: Week 3

Another week gone by ! I wanted to give you a detailed review of the hand products this week; but I must say.. I have to give the products another week. I'm not negative towards them; but I'm not positive either to be honest. They haven't done a lot for my hands just yet. I'll give them another week and will test them more thoroughly. So next week; I'll give an update about the hand products. I promise!

For this week I will just show you the nail pictures ! My cuticles started to tear up last week and if there is anything I can't stand it's loose skin so... Yes I must admit I have picked them awww... It.. doesn't look nice *ashamed*

I did notice a change in the structure though. I noticed a little dent ! And not just one nail; but all of them have this. Maybe it's the growth cause of the products? I don't know...

And my right nails:

That's it for this week ! Nails are still strong; so I'm still happy how they grow. Now I have to slap myself whenever I notice myself picking the loose skin iekkkk !

Thanks for reading!

Feb 15, 2012

ASK bare naked challenge: Week 2

How are you on this fine wednesday?
I've been ill since yesterday. Sitting with the flu at home and trying to sleep as much as possible to get better soon. I hate being ill blergh...

Anyway: Another week has passed and I've been using the products as I should (being the good girl that I am hehe). My hands do get a lot of suffering with this cold weather here; so they feel very dry. But I must say that the skin conditioning milk helps a lot! But being ill the last few days I neglected to rub my hands in; so now they are réally dry... My own fault though :-(

To show you a good comparison this week; I decided to post a picture of my right hand from 2 weeks ago and how my nails look like now. 
Again: I'm still shocked how strong my nails feel. I tore my skin open last week on my left hand; near my nail (on my ring finger) and it really hurt bad; but my nail didn't at all. Normally it would be bruised like h..... Well; you know what I mean ;-)

Here is the picture of my right hand 2 weeks ago:

And this is how my nails look now:

At this pace my nails will definitely look beautiful at my wedding !! I still keep them short though. As you can see my middle finger is uneven; but that'll work out fine in a few more weeks.

Next week I'll give a more detailed review about the skin products.

Thanks for reading.

Feb 8, 2012

ASK bare naked challenge: Week 1

So.... It's been a week since I received the ASK products and I want to share you my opinion so far.

I've been using the TIPS for toes twice daily now (yes on my nails!) as it will give a great boost to my nails! Nails must be completly dry before applying; so the best time to apply them is first thing in the morning; and again during the day when I notice my nails becoming dry again (or when I've been in lots of water with my hands).
It's an odd smell. It's not bad at all; but it doesn't smell of flowers either ! I'm quite used to it; but I really can't describe it... Quite interesting smell. Yes. Let's call it interesting hahaha.

The file is really really easy to handle ! It smoothens the nails and that's it! A fine file; I like it !

The products (nail & hand cleanser and skin conditioning milk) feel nice. But I don't know yet what they really do to my hands. I haven't used the products long enough to give my opinion about them to be honest.

What I notice after a week: Wow my nails have néver been this strong before !! Wonderful ! Because that's always been a problem of mine. My cuticles look better than last week; but it's really hard to leave them alone . I'm so used to pushing them back but I really really really can't do that now haha. Ow well; it's for the best; right?

So here are the pictures of how they look today:

Don't they look healty already?? I'm happy with the results so far.

Just compare it with last week ! They aren't dry anymore and cuticles ánd nails are getting better and better. I really didn't expect anything after just one week; so this really pleases me.

So tonight I'll clip my nails again; to get all the chips and bruises gone and so they can grow 'smoothly'.

Next week another update about the challenge.
What do you think ? Do they look better??

Thanks for reading!

Feb 1, 2012

ASK bare naked challenge: The start

Woohoooo the postman came with a little package from Canada today !

And what I found was:

So I started reading the little manuals that were inside; and ofcourse the e-mails Lisa send us with instructions. I am very eager to begin this challenge so today is a good day to get me started !

First things first ! I clipped (clipped?? Yes !!) - I seriously néver clip my nails. I read so many blogs how this could damage the nails etc etc... but I am planning to stick to the procedure and there it says I should clip my nails if they are too damaged. So yes I clipped my nails! My nails are really awful. After my gel nails they were so weak I broke 'em easily.
The result (I swear this is about the worse my nails have ever looked):

My terrible cuticles ugh...

The producs look nice ! They don't smell weird and the file is really really neat ! So easy to handle and it 'smoothens' the nailtip really nicely.

The fun part about TIPS nail conditioner is that you can just 'slap' it on ! It hás to go on half the cuticles and your nails. Unlike polish where you are really careful so you don't have too much clean-up. Nope; just spread it all around and under your nail and on your cuticles. Just wait a bit and rub any excess into your hands. DONE !

This is how they looked afterwards ! It 'looks' kinda oily; but it doesn't feel like that at all.

And so it begins.... :-) I'll keep you updated every week with how I experience the products. I'm very positive about it so far !