Feb 8, 2012

ASK bare naked challenge: Week 1

So.... It's been a week since I received the ASK products and I want to share you my opinion so far.

I've been using the TIPS for toes twice daily now (yes on my nails!) as it will give a great boost to my nails! Nails must be completly dry before applying; so the best time to apply them is first thing in the morning; and again during the day when I notice my nails becoming dry again (or when I've been in lots of water with my hands).
It's an odd smell. It's not bad at all; but it doesn't smell of flowers either ! I'm quite used to it; but I really can't describe it... Quite interesting smell. Yes. Let's call it interesting hahaha.

The file is really really easy to handle ! It smoothens the nails and that's it! A fine file; I like it !

The products (nail & hand cleanser and skin conditioning milk) feel nice. But I don't know yet what they really do to my hands. I haven't used the products long enough to give my opinion about them to be honest.

What I notice after a week: Wow my nails have néver been this strong before !! Wonderful ! Because that's always been a problem of mine. My cuticles look better than last week; but it's really hard to leave them alone . I'm so used to pushing them back but I really really really can't do that now haha. Ow well; it's for the best; right?

So here are the pictures of how they look today:

Don't they look healty already?? I'm happy with the results so far.

Just compare it with last week ! They aren't dry anymore and cuticles ánd nails are getting better and better. I really didn't expect anything after just one week; so this really pleases me.

So tonight I'll clip my nails again; to get all the chips and bruises gone and so they can grow 'smoothly'.

Next week another update about the challenge.
What do you think ? Do they look better??

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ziet er al een heel stuk beter uit! Hopelijk binnenkort nog meer verbetering :)

  2. Glad to see it's already doing something for you! And they do look better indeed :Y.

  3. I just followed you,and from looking at your before photo,I think this does show some progress.I am also participating in the challenge. Take care! :-)

  4. Thank you so much ladies ! And good luck to you too Thalie :)