Feb 29, 2012

ASK bare naked challenge: Week 4

The routine I use is as followed: Get up and first I apply TIPS for Toes to my nails. I shower and get myself ready. Eventually washing my hands with the Ask Revival hand & Nail cleanser; and after that rubbing my hands with Ask Revival Skin conditioning milk.
During the day; when I've been outside a lot or when it's really really cold and my hands get really dry; I apply the skin conditioning milk again.
In the evening I do the same routine (when I haven't been in water for at least 2 hours!)

The products: There is a reason why I postponed the review for a week... About a week and a half ago I noticed my hands kinda felt dry. When I took a closer look I saw some redness apear. I haven't used any other hand products; but I can't tell for sure if it's cause of the products and wanted to use the products more intensively so it might get better.

My hands have little bumps on it. It started last week but this week it gotten worse. I really have no idea what it is; because it doesn't itch or anything. It feels.. bumpy !

I will contact Lisa and ask her what I can do about it. If it's possible that I could be allergic to one of the ingredients? Other than that I'm pleased about the products. It moisturizes my hands and it has a nice subtle sent to it.

It's so weird; because the nails products really do a wonderful job for me! I'm so happy about the progress. I file them every day and make sure I follow the procedure as good as possible.
How my nails look now; after 4 weeks of using:

Even my cuticles look a lot better already !

Next week I'll make a summary about the progress so far and will put the pictures together so you can see what 5 weeks of using the products did to my nails.

Thanks for reading!

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