Jan 22, 2012

A girl can never have enough shoes

Another addiction of mine (and with me; of many girls): SHOES !!

I love high heels. Love love love them ! My 2 newest pair are from nelly.com.

It felt like forever though until they got delivered ! It would take 3 to 7 workdays; but when I buy something online; I want the doorbell to ring the minute I press the 'buy' button (I guess many of you will recognize that feeling).

I received my first note saturday the 14th; saying they would try to deliver it again on tuesday... TUESDAY !! Arghh.... And the problem was: I knew I wouldn't be able to get them as I WORK in the daytime haha... Luckily they dropped them off with our neighbours ! Woohooo they are here *insert happy dance*

My first pair: I wasn't too sure about them; but they look very classy! I like the snake-print and they fit perfectly:

The second pair..... I opened the box and there I found a whole different pair than what I ordered ! ARGHHH I was soooooo frustrated ! They deliverd the wrong shoes... Grrr..... But I was too curious so I put them on and WAW. I instantly fell in love with them! I couldn't return these pretties ! They are even more awesome than the shoes I wanted to order haha. So eventuelly I'm really happy with the mistake the shop made! (For the curious people among us: This is the pair I was going to order)

They are freaking hiiiiiiiiiiiigh !! 14cm with a plateau of 3cm ! Love 'em! I feel like a giant when I have them on haha. (Although they only make me 1m78; cause I'm a small girl hihi).

What do you think of my new purchases? Love or hate them?
Would you buy such high heels ?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love them both, especially the first pail :)

    1. Thx ! Now I hope the weather will get better soon so I can wear the first pair too ! It's a bit too chilly at the moment :P