Jan 18, 2012

Disastrous nails

A few weeks ago; I read about the ASK Cosmetics' "Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge". To sum it up: For 8 to 12 weeks you have to use the ASK Cosmetics products. These will help strengthen your nails and cuticles. Every week you have to write down your experiences and make pictures of the progress.

This sounded very interesting to me ! I'm getting married at the end of april and I'm really hoping to have my nails long and strong by then. I don't want to have to go to the nail salon and get myself fake ones. I keep myself busy with nail polish so I really want to do my own manicure !
But nót with short broken ugly nails and cuticles you just want to hide for the world...

So I send in my motiviation; hoping to be one of the lucky girls !

Here are the pictures I have send to Lisa; so you can see what I have to deal/start with.
These are my nails. Naked; no products used.

Left hand:

Right hand:

Right... So... The history of my nails !
As so many polish addicts; I was a biter. I bit my nails until they bled and even then I would bite my cuticles and everything; I just couldn't stop. 2,5 years ago I decided it was enough. Now nail polish is one of my many 'addictions'.

My nails suffer a lot though... I'm a system engineer; so I have to build computers and have to type continiously, so I break my nails a lot.  Last year I was fed up with the breaking of my nails and bought me a nail starter kit for gel nails. It looked nice but... Well to be honest, nothing beats natural nails. You can see it immidiatly when someone has false nails.

I don't regret doing it but, I really want my natural nails for my wedding day. So about 3 months ago I decided not to fill them in with gel anymore; but the gel has really destroyed my nails. Every day I put hardener on as a base coat; hoping it would help make them stronger. Every day I put polish on so I don't have to look at the bruised nails and ofcourse I also use top coat and rub in my cuticles every day with lemony flutter (from lush). 'Hoping' for the best and that my nails will look photograph-worthy on my wedding day.

Hopefully the products from ASK will really do their work ! I will post updates about the challanges regularly.

Thanks for reading !


  1. Good luck! I'm sure you will succeed!

  2. Oh my, that does look like a bit of a challenge.. I hope you get lucky and your weddinng day -and your wedding-mani- will be perfect :)

  3. Yeah they look terrible; I know :(

    The products are send to me; so hopefully I will receive them next week so I can begin the challenge! I'm very happy I'm one of the lucky ones ;)

  4. that's great, hope it'll work!